Rolf Wüstenhagen

Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen has been Vice Director of the Institute for Economy and Environment (IWÖ-HSG) since 2003. With a background in management science and engineering, he completed his PhD on marketing green electricity to mainstream customers in 2000. After working for one of the leading European companies in Sustainability investments, he returned to academia in 2003. He teaches sustainability management, entrepreneurship and sustainable consumption at University of St. Gallen as well as within the CEMS Master of International Management of the Community of European Management Schools. He has also been a Visiting Professor at University of British Columbia (2005) and Wilfrid University (2007), both in Canada. Rolf is also a faculty member of the annual oikos Ph.D. summer academy on Sustainability Management (http:// www.oikos- academy2007/index1.html)

Since 2004, he is a member of the Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission with a particular focus on social science energy research and technology transfer. Over the last 10 years, Rolf has held responsibility for several national and international research projects on sustainable energy policies, marketing research for sustainable innovation, and venture capital investing. Most recently, he co-edited a special issue of Energy Policy on social acceptance of renewable energy innovation. In addition to his track record in research and teaching, he has considerable experience in the dissemination of research results, including acting as the program chair for the European Conference on Green Power Marketing in 2001 and 2004 and the St. Gallen Forum for Sustainability Management in 2005. Rolf graduated in industrial engineering and management from Berlin University of Technology and has a PhD in management science from St. Gallen University.